Musician Spotlight


Pictured above–The American contingent of Al Kamandjati.  

(L-R) Apollo Trumpeter, Micah Killion; Jeremy Koch, saxophone; Apollo Principal Flute, Ardyth Scott; Kevin Darrow, oboe; Matt Murray, bass; and Apollo Principal Bassoon, Sandy Sisk.


Most people spend their summers relaxing by the pool and basking in the sunshine, or perhaps hiking and camping in the mountains. For these Apollo musicians, summer is a time to share their talent with young musicians half way across the globe.



The Apollo Orchestra’s own Principal Flutist, Ardyth Scott; Principal Bassoonist, Sandy Sisk; and Trumpeter, Micah Killion took time out of their summer relaxation to help spread music’s message of love and humanity to the people of Palestine. Ardyth, Sandy, and Micah joined other musicians from the US and around the world as part of Al Kamandjati—a largely European Union (EU) funded Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose mission is introducing, instilling and promoting broad-based musical education and appreciation as an integral part of Palestinian life.


Started in 2002, Al Kamandjati exists to make music accessible to the entire Palestinian community and teach music to Palestinian children, especially those in marginalized areas, and strengthen their appreciation of Palestinian culture and identity.


We are so very proud to call these marvelous musicians our friends and colleagues. The Apollo Orchestra salutes their selfless desire to change the world through music.